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West Virginia Labor Law Poster

Meeting West Virginia's state labor law requirements is simple with ComplyRight

The West Virginia state labor law poster by ComplyRight contains the most up-to-date labor law postings for your state. The all-in-one solution provides worry-free compliance for your state in a convenient laminated design with the exact size, type fonts and layout of the official government postings.

You will receive:

  • All state-required notices on one full color poster
  • Electronic reminders of posting changes straight from our legal team
  • 100% complete labor law compliance

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6+ Mandatory Poster Changes in the Last 3 Years
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5/11/2016MandatoryFair Employment
The West Virginia Fair Employment poster has been updated to include information on the Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act. The law prohibits discrimination in employment based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions. ...Read more
7/8/2015MandatoryWage Payment
The West Virginia Wage Payment poster has been updated to reflect additional content and rewording to the poster. Additional content includes maximum number or days between pay days, the addition of direct deposit as method of payment, and written notice to employees, at least one full pay period prior to any changes to employee's rate of pay....Read more
12/8/2014MandatoryMinimum Wage
The West Virginia Minimum Wage poster has been updated to reflect an increase to the state's minimum wage. The minimum wage rate will increase from $7.25 an hour to $8.00 an hour effective January 1, 2015, and $8.75 an hour effective on January 1, 2016. Increases to the training wage for the first 90 days of employment and minimum wage credits for tipped employees will also increase for 2015 and 2016....Read more
7/19/2013MandatoryWage Payment and Collection Act
The West Virginia Wage Payment and Collection Act poster has been updated to reflect that an employer pay a discharged employee his or her final wages in full by the next regular payday or within four business days.
7/23/2008MandatoryUnemployment Insurance
The West Virginia Unemployment Insurance poster was updated with additional information regarding wage classes, weekly benefit rates, and maximum benefit rates.  The agency also changed some of their claims offices from full-time claims offices to itinerant claims points. The West Virginia Unemployment Insurance poster was updated with additional information regarding wage classes, weekly benefit ...Read more
7/10/2006MandatoryMinimum Wage
Poster updated to reflect (3) new minimum wage rates. Beginning July 1, 2006, the minimum wage rate increased to $5.85/hour. On July 1, 2007, it will increase to $6.55/hour, and on July 1, 2008 to $7.25/hour.
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West Virginia Labor Law Poster includes:

  • Wage Payment 
  • Fair Employment
  • Minimum Wage
  • Workers' Compensation (must be obtained from insurance carrier)
  • Unemployment Insurance

Product Specifications:

  • Laminated
  • Poster size - 24" x 24"

In addition to your state poster(s), you may also receive small individual state posters. These postings will help you to comply with certain requirements that you have to meet according to your type of workers' compensation coverage, unemployment insurance and your state's smoking laws.