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Labor Law Posting Compliance
Made Easy… We Guarantee It!
Poster Guard ® Compliance Protection gets your
business up to date with all required federal and state labor
law postings, and then keeps it that way — all year long.
YOU ENROLL and we send a complete, up-to-date
federal and state poster set, right away.
WE MONITOR and ship you a replacement
poster every time a mandatory state or federal
change occurs.
WE GUARANTEE our posters are 100% compliant
with all federal and state regulations – or we pay
the fine, no matter how big.
Get Poster Guard® Compliance Protection for industry specific postings:
What Our Members Say
It is such a relief knowing that Poster Guard is handling all of our state and federal labor law postings. And the automatic poster replacements let me know that we are always compliant.”

- Sunshine Wunderich
HR Coordinator, American Eagle

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