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Get Federal, State, and Local Labor
Law Posting Protection … Guaranteed!
Poster Guard ® Compliance Protection gets your business
up to date with all required federal, state and local labor law
postings, and keeps it that way — for an entire year.
YOU ENROLL and we send a complete, up-to-date
federal, state and local poster set, right away.
WE MONITOR and ship you a replacement
poster every time a mandatory federal, state or
local change occurs, at no additional cost.
WE GUARANTEE our posters are 100% compliant
with all federal, state and local regulations — or we pay
the fine, no matter how big.

Complete Posting Compliance Protection

The complexity of posting compliance requirements continues to multiply. In fact, local postings are the newest and fastest-growing area of compliance today. If your city or county doesn’t require specific postings yet, it probably will soon.

Poster Guard ® Compliance Protection can help. Our compliance attorneys continually monitor more than 20,000 cities and counties, in addition to federal and state agencies. You can have peace of mind knowing you're covered from all directions.

Poster Guard® Compliance Protection also offers services for the following:
What Our Members Say
It is such a relief knowing that Poster Guard is handling all of our state and federal labor law postings. And the automatic poster replacements let me know that we are always compliant.

- Sunshine Wunderich
HR Coordinator, American Eagle

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