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55 State & Local Posting Changes
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As the Federal minimum wage remains unchanged, more states step up with increases of their own

In the absence of any movement at the federal level for nearly eight years, more than
60 percent of states have bumped up their minimum wages. LEARN MORE >

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Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance
The Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance poster has been updated to reflect the requirement to apply for unemployment insurance benefits online. Applying for unemployment benefits will also require a valid email or mobile number, specific information on an applicant's work history and additional information for non U.S. Citizens, military or federal civilian employees.
Missouri Workers' Compensation
The Missouri Workers' Compensation poster has been updated to reflect some additional benefits. Recent legislation changed several provisions of the Missouri Workers' Compensation law providing for a new type of claim benefit for occupational diseases due to toxic exposure.
California Wage Orders
The California Wage Orders (1-13, 15 and 16) have been updated to reflect the 2017 and 2018 increases to the state minimum wage. Wage Orders 14 (Agricultural) and 17 (Miscellaneous) have not been updated at this time. The revised industry wage orders also reflect updated meal and lodging credit amounts.
Virginia OSHA
The Virginia OSHA poster has been updated to reflect the federal OSHA rule requiring employers to inform employees of their right to report work-related injuries and illnesses free from retaliation.
Illinois Pregnancy Rights
The Illinois Pregnancy Rights poster has been updated to reflect a clarification of an employee's right to reject an unsolicited accommodation offered by their employer for the pregnancy.
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