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Oklahoma Labor Law Poster

Meet Oklahoma labor law requirements with the all-in-one poster solution

Complying with mandated state labor laws doesn’t have to be difficult. The Oklahoma state labor law poster by ComplyRight contains the required postings for your state business, including Minimum Wage and Workers' Compensation posters.

You will receive:

  • All state-required notices on one full color poster
  • Electronic reminders of posting changes straight from our legal team
  • 100% complete labor law compliance

Enroll in our annual Poster Guard® Compliance Protection service to automatically receive federal, state and local posters EVERY time a mandatory change occurs at no additional cost!



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6+ Mandatory Poster Changes in the Last 3 Years
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8/21/2018MandatoryFair Employment
The Oklahoma Fair Employment poster has been updated to reflect that if an employee contacts the Office of Civil Rights Enforcement, it does not conflict with or affect any other rights the employee may have, including any appeal procedures through the Oklahoma Merit Protection or any internal grievance procedure through an employer. ...Read more
3/15/2018MandatoryUnemployment Insurance
The Oklahoma Unemployment Insurance poster is no longer an "obtain on your own" poster. It is now officially available on the government website and we are updating our Oklahoma large panel to facilitate compliance. ...Read more
3/27/2015MandatoryFair Employment
The Oklahoma Fair Employment poster has been updated with additional information regarding unlawful discrimination in employment. Unlawful discrimination includes harassment and retaliation based on a person's protected status. ...Read more
7/10/2014MandatoryWorkers' Compensation
The Oklahoma Workers' Compensation poster has been updated to reflect that death claims must be filed within two (2) years of the date of death.
1/30/2014MandatoryWorkers' Compensation
The Oklahoma Workers' Compensation poster has been updated to reflect an overhaul to the workers' compensation system. The Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Commission replaces the court-based workers' compensation system allowing for more timely processing of claims. ...Read more
1/18/2013MandatoryFair Employment
The Oklahoma Fair Employment poster has been updated to reflect a new protected category. Employers are now prohibited from discriminating against applicants and employees based on genetic information.
8/15/2012MandatoryFair Employment
The Oklahoma Fair Employment poster has been updated to reflect a change in responsibility from the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission to the Office of the Attorney General, Office of Civil Rights Enforcement. Employees or applicants must now contact the Office of the Attorney General to file a discrimination complaint. ...Read more
8/26/2011MandatoryWorkers' Compensation
The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation poster has been updated to reflect various changes to Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation system. Among other changes, the new law expands the ombudsman and mediation program and now requires any person receiving temporary disability benefits to notify their employer within seven days of any change to their income or employment status....Read more
11/3/2009MandatoryMinimum Wage
The Oklahoma Minimum Wage poster has been updated to reflect a new size to the poster and some sections removed. The Oklahoma Department of Labor Employment Standards Division has reduced the size of the poster from 11" x 17" to 8.5" x 11" as reflected in S.B. 527, effective November 1, 2009. The poster has been reworded, removing the following' 1. under "Employee Defined", item (9) anyone who wo...Read more
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Oklahoma Labor Law Poster includes:

  • Fair Employment
  • Minimum Wage
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • No Smoking

Product Specifications:

  • Laminated
  • Poster size - 24" x 24"

In addition to your state poster(s), you may also receive small individual state posters. These postings will help you to comply with certain requirements that you have to meet according to your type of workers' compensation coverage, unemployment insurance and your state's smoking laws.