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Kansas Labor Law Poster

Secure compliance with the all-in-one Kansas state labor law poster

We make it easy for you to conduct business without having to worry about Labor Law changes. This Kansas Labor Law Poster includes the of the following posters: Workers' Compensation, Fair Employment, Child Labor No Smoking and Unemployment Insurance.

You will receive:

  • All state-required notices on one full color poster
  • Electronic reminders of posting changes straight from our legal team
  • 100% complete labor law compliance

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6+ Mandatory Poster Changes in the Last 3 Years
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12/11/2018MandatoryWorkers' Compensation
The Kansas Workers' Compensation poster has been updated to reflect an email address change where employees can obtain more information on the Workers' Compensation Law.
4/24/2013MandatoryWorkers' Compensation
New law requires employers to post two Kansas Workers' Compensation posters. One poster applies to injuries on or after May 11, 2011 and before April 25, 2013. The second poster applies to injuries sustained at work on or after April 25, 2013. A new law reduced the time employees have to report workplace accidents to 20 days for injuries sustained on or after April 25, 2013. ...Read more
5/17/2011MandatoryWorkers' Compensation Part 1 - (English and Spanish)
The Kansas Workers’ Compensation poster has been updated to reflect significant changes that were recently made to the Kanas Workers’ Compensation Act. The poster revises the time limits when an employee may file a claim, conditions to be met when providing the claim orally or in writing, and benefits included when paid by the insurance carrier or self-insurance program. ...Read more
5/3/2010MandatoryNo Smoking
The Kansas No Smoking sign has been updated to reflect the new Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act which takes effect July 1, 2010. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Indoor Clean Air Division has created a specific poster for workplaces, bars and restaurants indicating that smoking is prohibited by state law. This is a mandatory change....Read more
9/1/2008MandatoryUnemployment Insurance - (English and Spanish)
The Kansas Unemployment Insurance poster was updated with information on applying for unemployment benefits using an automated phone system. The state also added TTY access.
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Kansas Labor Law Poster includes:

  • Workers' Compensation (English/Spanish)
  • Fair Employment
  • Child Labor
  • No Smoking
  • Unemployment Insurance (English/Spanish)

Product Specifications:

  • Laminated
  • Poster size - 24" x 24"

In addition to your state poster(s), you may also receive small individual state posters. These postings will help you to comply with certain requirements that you have to meet according to your type of workers' compensation coverage, unemployment insurance and your state's smoking laws.