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State Specific Weapons Poster 1 Year Service

Inform Employees and Visitors of Your Weapon-Free Establishment

Poster Guard Weapons Law Poster Service consists of postings that satisfy the requirement for employers to inform employees and visitors that they are in an establishment that prohibits concealed weapons. Each poster delivers an instant message to help prevent people from entering the workplace with concealed weapons. Additionally, the poster service guarantees employers free replacement posters whenever there is a mandatory law change that impacts the posting during the service term.

  • Each posting adheres to font and size requirements as mandated by individual state laws
  • Graphic red “no” symbol understood by all
  • Available in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.



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Product Details:

  • One full year of free, automatic poster replacements for every mandatory posting change that occurs affecting the weapons posting
  • Includes 12 months of monitoring and research by in-house legal team
  • 100% Compliance Guarantee* against government posting fines for improper posting content

Product Specifications:

  • Size varies by state
  • Laminated
  • Available in English and Spanish, where required

* 100% Compliance Guarantee: To qualify for reimbursement, the fined location must demonstrate that it properly displayed the most recent postings provided and submit a request along with a copy of the citation and proof of amount paid within 10 days of payment. This guarantee is valid for the term of your active, paid Poster Guard City/County Poster Compliance Service and is limited to qualified government fines for improper posting content relating only to the postings included in the city or county service. This guarantee does not apply to additional postings that may be required for your specific business or industry based on state/local law, contract, or other mandates, and does not cover any damages relating to contract suspension or any other financial loss.