Workplace Posters For City, State And Federal Labor Law Compliance
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Federal Contractor Construction Poster Bundle

New Mandotory Federal Contractor Posters Cover Minimum Wage, Sick Leave

Avoid costly fines and remain compliant with a comprehensive set of federal contractor posters that includes the new 2019 minimum wage poster and new paid sick leave poster, as well as updated labor law posters for "EEO is the Law," Pay Transparency Policy, Bilingual E-Verify and Right to Work. Also included are mandatory postings for the FLSA, EPPA, OSHA, EEO, FMLA and USERRA.


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Federal Contractor - Construction Industry Postings Include:

  • Federal Contractor Minimum Wage (separate posting)
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • “EEO is the Law” Supplement with Pay Transparency Policy (separate posting)
  • Bilingual Right to Work & E-Verify (separate posting; included at no charge)
  • National Labor Relations Act
  • Walsh-Healey Public/Service Contracts
  • ARRA Whistleblower Rights
  • DOD Whistleblower Hotline
  • DOD Fraud Hotline
  • DHS Fraud Hotline
  • Notice to Workers with Disabilities
  • Davis-Bacon Act
  • DOT Federal Highway Construction

Product Specifications:

  • Federal Contractor All-Inclusive Poster Size: Laminated, 24” x 39.5”