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Remote Workers Binder Labor Law Poster Service

Smart Labor Law Compliance for Remote Workers and Non-Traditional Worksites

Employers are legally obligated to have mandatory federal, state and local* labor law posters conspicuously posted to inform employees, including any remote workforce and telecommuters, of their employment rights. The Poster Guard Compliance Protection for Remote Workers – Binder Version is a convenient, fully compliant way to do so. This simple solution features large-format, full-color labor law posters providing all required employee postings in a durable binder for easy viewing.

Poster Guard Compliance Protection for Remote Workers - Electronic Version

*If your delivery zipcode corresponds with a mandatory local posting requirement, that poster will automatically be included with you order.



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  • Designed for workplaces with little or no wall space
  • One Full Year of Service
  • High-quality printed version of mandatory required employment posters
  • Ideal for mall kiosks, food trucks, and employees without computer and/or Internet access
  • Also useful for service technicians and other travelling employees rarely in the office
  • Free, automatic poster replacements shipped every time a mandatory posting change occurs
  • Backed by a team of attorneys and legal researchers who continually monitor posting changes
  • Includes 100% Compliance Guarantee against government posting fines for improper posting content
  • Does NOT satisfy requirements for standard work environments (offices, warehouses, retail sites)

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 11" x 17"
  • Laminated pages in durable binder

Important Disclaimer: This service is intended for off-site employees who may work in environments with little or no wall space (telecommuters, home-based or kiosk workers). It does NOT satisfy posting requirements for standard work environments (offices, warehouses, retail sites, etc.) and is NOT a substitute for full-size posters.

*100% Compliance Guarantee: To qualify for reimbursement, the fined location must demonstrate that it used the service properly for non-traditional worksites without walls, and submit a request along with a copy of the citation and proof of amount paid within 10 days of payment. This guarantee is valid for the term of your paid Poster Guard protection and has no maximum reimbursement limit for qualified government fines.