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The Labor Law Poster Solution for
Companies with 50 or More Locations

Poster Guard
  • We customize labor law poster sets based on the
    unique needs of enterprise businesses
  • We monitor every labor law poster so you never
    have to worry about compliance
  • In-house legal team guarantees our labor law
    posters are 100% compliant
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Posting Compliance for
Your Large Company Can Be Easy

If your business operates in numerous locations, across state lines, or in Canada, the cost and complexity of managing compliance posters increase substantially. Don’t rely on a company that makes you choose between low cost and compliance. Our service never cuts corners on quality or compliance, and you’ll see just how economical our service is when we present your customized proposal with volume pricing.

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The Labor Law Poster Service
Trusted by Thousands!

We have covered large corporations for more than 30 years and can be found in more than 330,000 locations. Poster Guard® Compliance Protection is the trusted labor law poster service for many of the largest corporations in the nation, including hospitals, banks, universities and government organizations. Reliability and service are why Poster Guard has become the standard by which all other labor law poster services are measured.

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Trusted By Companies

We Monitor Labor Law Posting Changes So You Can Focus on What Counts

We understand the complexities of multi-location businesses. That’s why our in-house staff of legal researchers monitors all Poster Guard labor law posters to ensure strict compliance. Our team of employment law attorneys and researchers tracks more than 22,000 local jurisdictions as well as federal and state posting changes. We are connected to each government agency, which allows us to interpret and respond to posting changes with speed and accuracy.

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Our Legal Team Is Dedicated to Understanding and Protecting Enterprise
Businesses with the Most Accurate, Comprehensive Posting Solutions

With a combined 50 years of experience, our legal team will have the answers to your labor law posting questions,
and will even work with your corporate attorneys to assess your unique posting requirements.


Easily Manage Complex Multi-Location
Changes and Preferences Online

Our subscriber-only website, PosterGuard.com, is a valuable tool for large companies because it provides secure access to the latest information on your active locations, account history, regulatory activities, and includes reporting functionality.

All state and federal labor posters feature ComplyScan QR codes that link posting locations to the latest information. Easily verify that all locations (often with different local posting regulations) have received their required labor law posters. ComplyScan also provides ship-by-date information to every location for replacement labor posters.

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We Guarantee Timely Delivery of All Posters,
So Being Out of Date Is Never a Concern

We keep you current! As soon as new mandatory labor law posting requirements are issued, we alert you by email and begin preparing replacement labor law postings for shipment. We guarantee delivery within 22 business days (well within the best practice of 30 days) from the time when the labor law poster update is announced. In fact, our average processing time is only 16 days — so you can be confident you’re always in compliance.

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With 30 Years in Business, We Do
Compliance RIGHT!

With more than 30 years in the business of labor law posting compliance, HRdirect has the most experience in building comprehensive posting compliance solutions. We are the only provider with in-house legal, and we make sure you are protected with the most accurate posting solutions through Poster Guard Compliance Protection service. No matter how many locations you have in how many states, you can be confident that Poster Guard’s top priority is to lessen the burden and complexity of your compliance.

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Let Us Customize Your Labor Law Poster Service to Fit Your Large
Business Needs So You Can Concentrate on Your Customers!

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