What Posters are Required in the Workplace for Service Industries?
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While there are many industries that must display additional postings beyond the more well-known federal and state posters, the four key ones are Federal Contractors, Healthcare Facilities, Restaurant Establishments and Public Sector.

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Federal Contractor
Public Sector
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To help you comply with these complex requirements, Poster Guard® Compliance Protection industry-specific service includes:

Up-to-date federal, state, local and industry-specific postings
One year of free, automatic poster replacements whenever a mandatory change occurs
Continual monitoring and analysis of posting changes by a legal team with over 20 years experience
100% compliance guarantee against posting fines for improper content



Federal Contractor

Not sure if you’re a federal contractor? If any of the following factors apply to your business, you’re most likely a federal contractor.

  • Provide goods or services to the federal government
  • Work on federally financed construction projects
  • Required to use E-Verify to verify employment eligibility with new hires
  • Received federal funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009)

Posting requirements for federal contractors typically pertain to construction, banking, telecommunications, transportation and educational industries. Since 2015, there have been eleven posting changes. Stay up to date with federal, state, local and federal contractor postings with Poster Guard® Compliance Protection for Federal Contractors.

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Restaurant Establishments

Depending on the state, restaurant establishments may be required to display special health-related employee-facing notices regarding hand washing, no smoking (including e-cigarettes), choking, tips and wages, and alcohol and minors. In New York, for example, restaurants have five more posting requirements beyond the standard federal and state posters.

Stay up to date with federal, state, local and state-specific restaurant posting requirements with Poster Guard® Compliance Protection for Restaurants.

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Healthcare Facilities

In addition to the basic federal and state posters, healthcare facilities in many states must display certain employee-facing notices. Most of the mandatory state posters pertain to bio-hazardous materials, radiation areas, examination of documents and private health information (HIPAA - Notice of Privacy Practices).

Nine states have had healthcare posting updates since 2015. Keep current with federal, state, local and required healthcare postings with Poster Guard® Compliance Protection for Healthcare Facilities.

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Public Sector

The public sector, which consists of organizations owned and operated by the government, is one of the largest industries in the U.S. Employers in this sector must comply with different posting requirements than those in the private sector. These requirements vary by state, and the public sector federal poster is different from the one used in the private sector.

Keep current with federal, state, local and state-specific public sector posting requirements with Poster Guard® Compliance Protection for Public Sector.

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Remote Workers

More companies are embracing remote work trends that allow employees to do their jobs from home or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. This shift in workplace culture is attracting significant attention, so employers need to be clear on the posting regulations. If you hire remote workers, you’re legally required to provide them with the same information that you share with your on-site workers.

Stay up to date with federal, state and local posting requirements with Poster Guard® Compliance Protection Service for Remote Workers, which offers electronic and binder solutions.

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