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State Minimum Wage Changes Continue to Make Maximum Impact for Employers


The federal level minimum wage hasn’t budged since 2009, remaining at $7.25/hr. a full decade later. On the state level, however, it’s quite a different story. During this time, numerous states and cities have stepped in and passed their own, higher minimum wages. In the past year alone, minimum wage increases took effect in approximately 75 states, cities and counties across the nation. These increases make up the biggest portion of mandatory postings employers must monitor and manage.

​As we come into the new year, here are the various states with minimum wage increases, effective January 1, 2019:

State 2018 2019
Alaska $9.84 $9.89
Arizona $10.50 $11.00
Arkansas $8.50 $9.25
California $11.00 $12.00 (26 or more employees)
Colorado $10.20 $11.10
Delaware $8.25 $8.75
Florida $8.25 $8.46
Maine $10.00 $11.00
Massachusetts $11.00 $12.00
Minnesota $9.65 $9.86
Missouri $7.85 $8.60
Montana $8.30 $8.50
New Jersey $8.60 $8.85
New York Variable rates based on location Variable rates based on location
Ohio $8.30 $8.55
Rhode Island $10.10 $10.50
South Dakota* $8.65 $9.10
Vermont $10.50 $10.78
Washington* $11.50 $12.00

* States that do not require minimum wage posters

Tips for Easier Compliance

First things first: If you operate a business in any of these states, your labor law posters may be outdated if they don’t include the new 2019 minimum wage increases. Now is the time to ensure you’re in compliance. Keep these additional pointers in mind:

  • When federal and state minimum wage laws differ, you’re legally required to display all postings in each business location – even if they conflict. And you must pay the most generous rate to workers.
  • Check out the Minimum Wage Monitor to view and compare minimum wage rates across the nation. The map covers four years of data from all 50 states, plus 40,000 counties and cities. You can quickly verify minimum wage rates by selecting a state on the map and seeing the rate and the date the change went into effect (or will go into effect).
  • Take advantage of our dedicated service, Poster Guard® Compliance Protection, for 365 days of guaranteed, hassle-free labor law posting compliance. You’ll receive an up-to-date federal, state and local poster set, along with automatic poster replacements every time a mandatory change occurs.