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The cost and complexity of posting compliance multiplies exponentially when your business operates across many locations and in more than one state. Since 2015, there have been 116 changes across 43 states. The number of changes is even higher for those who operate in certain industries or cities.

Don't rely on just anyone to keep you in complete compliance with all of this —and certainly don't try to manage this yourself. Trust Poster Guard's team of compliance attorneys, who specialize in keeping large companies up to date.

With more than 260,000 protected locations, Poster Guard® Compliance Protection is the standard by which all labor law poster services are measured. That's because every day, we pay attention to ALL of the details, complexities and unpredictability that make posting compliance more and more challenging.

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Top 4 Reasons Poster Guard is the only solution for complete compliance protection:
Proactive monitoring and ongoing analysis of posting requirements and updates by an in-house legal team
Our legal team is solely dedicated to ensuring you're protected with the most accurate, comprehensive posting solutions. They are available to answer questions you may have and even will work with your corporate attorneys if necessary to assess your unique posting requirements.
Timely and accurate replacements for new and updated postings
As soon as laws change and new posting requirements are issued affecting your locations, the clock starts ticking. We guarantee to ship your replacement or new posters, at no additional cost, within 22 business days of release — our average processing time is actually just 16 days.
Notification and verification of delivery
Our communication program closes the loop on poster replacements by emailing you the UPS tracking information when your posters ship, allowing you to verify delivery and identify who signed for your packages. In addition, we continually monitor for returned shipments and notify you immediately so we can update addresses if needed and reship your poster replacement as soon as possible.
On-site auditing and instructions
All of our state posters feature ComplyScan QR codes which link your posting locations to the latest information and instructions specific to them. It's as simple as scanning the QR code to get immediate access to detailed information including full images, revision dates, and posting instructions. If a replacement poster is on the way due to a mandatory change, ComplyScan also will give your locations the ship-by date so they can be on the lookout.